Late in Life Divorces are On the Rise reports that now, for the first time in recent history, more 50-year-olds are divorced than are widowed.

Divorces are now the most common way that marriages end for the over-50 set, making up one quarter of all divorces.  The divorce rate for those over 50 has also doubled since the year 1990.

This rate is expected to grow as more and more of the so-called "baby boomer" generation's marriages are just now crossing that threshold.

Two-thirds of these divorces are initiated by women, interestingly.  These divorces are as painful and as complicated as any other; oftentimes one spouse is not on the same page as the other; the leaving party is unsatisfied with the current situation, while the other is left with nothing after struggling to maintain what he or she deems as normal.  The whole experience, regardless of who is divorcing who, can be disorienting, and can leave a trail of feelings of pain, guilt, or confusion. 

Legal counsel is so imperative to either party when considering, filing, or undergoing divorce in Louisiana. The one thing that softens the blow of divorce is clarity; knowing what you are entitled to, what your rights are, and what to expect.  Appropriate, clear, and aggressive representation can provide these to anyone undergoing a divorce in New Orleans or Louisiana.

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