Are Bicycle Accidents the New Car Accidents in New Orleans?

With the increase of bicycle lanes popping up throughout New Orleans, many locals are taking the more healthy, inexpensive and eco-conscious option of transportation.  Biking to work is good for you, but with all the car traffic surrounding you, is it actually more dangerous?

New Orleans became much more aware of bicycle-car injuries emergence of bicycle lanes throughout the city,   And even though traffic accidents have been on a decline in New Orleans, bicycle accidents have risen in the past two years by an estimated 8.9 percent.

We don't hear much about bicycle accidents in the news, but most of us have heard of them or even witnessed them.  What many bicyclists don't realize is that their rights as a bicyclist do exist, as they would if they were a pedestrian or the driver of a car.  

Bicycle accidents with cars are especially dangerous, and as such bicyclists should exercise caution while riding in traffic by wearing a helmet and using visibility devices, especially in the dark.  We have all heard the horror stories, however, of car drivers who disregard the bicycle lanes entirely, and the results can be catastrophic.  Bicycle accident injuries in many ways can be much worse than injuries in car accidents.  Pain and suffering in bicycle accidents in many ways can be much worse, as well.

Bicyclists are vulnerable, not only because they aren't protected by a car at the time of injury, but many bicyclists are unaware of who is at fault, or that there is legal protection for bicyclists. 

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