For What It's Worth: Assessing Your Car Accident Case

Car accidents can be brutal no matter who you were in the incident, but how do you know if it's worth taking extra measures to get a greater settlement?

We know that the whole process is complicated and daunting, and that every single car accident has its own unique set of circumstances.  We also know that, in general, there are common factors that can influence a case one way or another that we see pretty often.

You can always call our office for your FREE initial case evaluation.  In the meantime, though, here are some clues that you may want to seek legal help.  

1.      Assess the fault.  Whose fault was the accident?  Even if fault lays with both parties in the accident, you may still have a claim, albeit probably less of one than you would had you been 100% in the clear. 

 2.      Assess your property damages.   After the accident, was your vehicle, bicycle, or motorcycle totaled or merely scratched?  In general, the more damage to your personal property, there more likely it is that there is a significant personal injury claim.

 3.      Assess your evidence.  Do you have witnesses?  A copy of the police report? Photographs of the car after the accident happened?  All of these will be helpful in establishing your personal injury claim.

 4.      Assess your injuries.  Did you go to a hospital right after the car accident?  Are you seeking medical treatment still?  The financial and physical burden following a car or bike accident can be overwhelming.  Personal injury claims exist to  compensate for these damages.

 5.      Assess your financial losses.  Did you miss work or have to leave your job because of your injuries?  Ongoing financial loss happens frequently after car accidents for many, and it’s important to understand that it is part of your personal injury claim.

Getting back what you lost after your car accident or bike accident in Louisiana is crucial, and your losses may be much more than any of these listed above, depending on your individual situation.  It’s important to hire an attorney in Louisiana who is not only experienced in car accident claims, but also an attorney who listens to you.   Your claim is not one-size-fits-all, and we understand that.

To receive a free case evaluation, call our office at (504)218-8570 right away.  The sooner you make the call, the better.