Just Say NO: Three Signs Your Insurance Company is Lowballing You.

It’s actually happened:  The worst case scenario.  Your house was burglarized, you got into a car accident, or a fire started in your house and destroyed your belongings.  “At least”, you think, “I have insurance.”

 Remember, you are never under any obligation to accept any offer or sign any documents from your insurance company.  Checking with an attorney once you receive your offer from an insurance company is almost always a good idea; one that might save you a lot of money in the long run.

Here are some signs that your insurance company may be giving you a lowball offer:


1.      Your insurance company responds with an offer almost right after the disaster or accident has occurred.

Damages from a car accident, for example, don’t usually all happen right at the time of the accident itself.  You may have future medical expenses and missed work to an injury, and these financial setbacks stack up over time.  If your insurance company is almost immediately responding with an offer, right after the accident or crisis has occurred, it probably isn’t taking into account your future damages. 


2.      Your insurance company is pressuring you to accept their offer or sign something that you don’t understand.

Any kind of manipulative tactic or intimidation from an insurance company is a red flag and a sign you should probably get legal assistance in reviewing your settlement offer. 


3.      Your insurance company is failing to justify their offer or acknowledge your damages.

If your insurance company is overlooking your damages or not mentioning them as justification for their offer, they may not be offering you what you are due. 


If you think your insurance company is not offering you a fair amount for your damages, contact an attorney right away.  The sooner you make an appointment for a consultation, the faster you can on the path to a fair and just amount for your damages.  

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