New “Ghost Bike” Installed in New Orleans after Fatal Bicycle Accident

As bicycle lanes are popping up around New Orleans, bicycle accidents involving cars have unfortunately been on the rise.  You may have seen these white-painted “ghost bikes” as you drive around the city.  Take heed:  this is a message to you as a vehicle operator to share the road and maintain awareness of cyclists around you.

The first “ghost bike” appeared in in 2003 according to, as part of a global movement to increase awareness of bicycle safety while biking and driving on the roads.  Now there are eleven bikes chained to various places around New Orleans memorializing deaths or injuries related to bicycle accidents.  The latest of these in New Orleans is installed at Poydras and Camp, memorializing the bicycle accident and fatal injuries of a 58-year-old man killed by a taxi cab driver on May 23 of this year (source

The purpose of these ghost bikes is to show solidarity with our community the importance of awareness in bicycle and driving safety.  Bicycle accidents are usually needless and completely preventable. Both cyclists and motorists should be alert and maintain safety at all times.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to damages.  Call our office at (504)218-8570 immediately for your free initial evaluation.  We may be able to help you at no initial cost.