the support they need isn't always free.

We all want to make sure our children receive all the care they need.  Love, support, and quality time are extremely important to a child.  All of these things are free.  Housing, food, child care, medical care, and education, however, are not.  These are the basic needs of children; basic needs that often require legal assistance and the help of a child support order.

Child support, whether obtained through a divorce proceeding or through a child custody proceeding, is hardly ever set in stone.  Jobs and income change, parents change, the needs of children change.  The child support laws in Louisiana exist so that children have the appropriate amount of support given the financial circumstances of both parents.

There are some conditions that will directly influence the amount of child support that should be paid.  Some examples include:

  • Which (if either) parent has primary custody or sole custody
  • If both parents have shared custody
  • If one parent makes significantly more income than the other parent
  • The true ability of either parent to financially support their child
  • whether a parent has significant mental physical or mental disabilities currently inhibiting their earning ability
  • The number of children between both parents
  • Whether there are children from another family requiring support from one parent
  • Whether or not extraordinary medical expenses exist for the child or for a parent
  • The child’s expenses relating to their education

Many times, a set child support order was made before circumstances changed for parent or child, and the amount being paid is no longer appropriate considering those changes.  The court may change a child support order if a substantial change of circumstances is shown. 

Some reasons to modify or change a current child support may include:

  • One parent received a recent change in income (increased income or decreased income)
  • The paying parent has recently become disabled or seriously ill
  • A child’s medical expenses have increased or decreased
  • A child’s educational expenses have increased or decreased
  • The child’s living situation or custody arrangement has changed

we support you so you can support them.

Child support requests and modifications are extremely nuanced.  Let us help you find clarity and efficiency throughout a process that can be as baffling as it is stressful.

We know how essential it is to ensure the wellbeing of your children.  Jon G. Bethune is not only an experienced and tenacious family law and child support attorney, he also has two children of his own.  We understand that you need the legal education, efficiency, and capability that we can provide to you.  We have represented plaintiffs and defendants; mothers, fathers, and grandparents, and we are proud to be able to provide the skills they need for the brightest future possible for themselves and their children.

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