Stuff happens.  People get jilted, or disagree, or feel like they’re being taken advantage of.  As we work, build, and live our lives, disagreements are bound to pop up.  Civil litigation attorneys in New Orleans exist to help these matters along, regardless of what side you’re on.

Basically, the term “civil litigation” covers a broad range of legal matters.  Any kind of dispute where someone is seeking either monetary damages or the fulfillment of an agreement may constitute a civil claim. 

We are experienced and ready to handle your defense or claim in your civil litigation matters.  Some of these matters may include:

                Landlord-Tenant Disputes

                Labor and Employment Disputes

                Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act litigation

                Contractual Disputes

                Construction Defect Cases

                Product Liability Cases

                Property Disputes


                Our goal in civil suit matters is to handle the case at hand as efficiently and as close to our clients’ favor as possible.  We are here to listen to and understand your civil matters front to back, and to fight aggressively towards your best possible outcome.

                Call us at (504)218-8570 or send us a brief message about your civil matter.  We are here and happy to help guide you towards the next steps you need to take.