In divorces, sometimes the devil is in the details.

Unfortunately, a big part of what stresses divorcees the most is their stuff.  Couches, bank accounts, beds, cars, houses, properties, jewelry, pieces of art, investments, stocks, businesses:  how do you even begin to split up all the property you acquired when you were together?  What happens if your ex gets it in their head that they can take advantage of your frazzled state by taking more than their rightful share?  What happens to the properties that you acquired while you were separated, but not divorced?  What about outstanding debts; who has to pay that, and what effect will it have on your settlement?

In Louisiana, the presumption is that all property gained during the marriage is community property.  Generally, community property should be divided up equally following a divorce.  Unfortunately, a spouse may take to hiding assets to preserve the lion’s share for themselves.  You might worry that your spouse is being dishonest after your divorce; after all, that might be part of the reason that you’re getting a divorce in the first place.  Our job is to uncover assets and to ensure that our clients receive the share of the property that they deserve.  

Our goal:

to get what you're owed, without the drama.

According to Louisiana law, community property that a spouse may be entitled to after a divorce likely includes:

  • Any wages earned during the marriage
  • Any furniture or larger items purchased during the marriage
  • Your family home
  • Homes or properties purchased during the marriage
  • Any interests earned by investments

We know that dividing up your assets after a divorce can be an extremely frustrating and stressful process.  Fortunately, hiring the right attorney oftentimes has the effect of minimizing the chaos that usually accompanies post-divorce property divisions.  We know you probably just want to get to the end of it so that you can move on.  However, we also know that you also don’t want to sacrifice your own best interests in the process.  

Get yourself the help you need.

The time to stand up for yourself is now.  Jon G. Bethune is a community property and divorce attorney with the tenacity, experience, and solid client satisfaction ratings that you want, and the personalized attention that you need.  Every single case that walks through our doors is attended to personally by Jon Bethune, because that is exactly the kind of dedication we believe you deserve.

 Whether you need to protect your assets, or pursue legal action in acquiring your owed property, we are here to help you.  Leave us a quick note about your case here, or call us at (504)218-8570 to set up a consultation.  We look forward to helping you take the next step towards a fair and final outcome for you.