When the worst case happens

That feeling of riding your motorcycle in Louisiana is unlike anything else you can think of.  There's nothing like being on a highway, riding outside of the city, on your bike and feeling completely free.   

While that feeling of freedom is unmatchable, however, the agony of getting in an accident on a motorcycle is completely unfathomable - that is, until you've experienced it yourself.

when the freedom becomes a nightmare

Riding a motorcycle in Louisiana is undoubtedly a high-risk situation.  When you ride on the road on a motorcycle, you're sharing the road with vehicles, automobiles, and trucks.  Every other driver is clad in a shield of metal; everyone except for you.

Many don't realize that motorcyclist's rights in Louisiana exist just as they would for regular automobile drivers, if not more so.  The vulnerability a motorcyclist experiences in an accident is unparalleled.  The results of a motorcycle accident, especially when involving a larger vehicle, can be catastrophic and devastating.  Oftentimes, the victim of a motorcycle accident isn't the only person paying the price.  Loved ones and family are affected, too.

Victims of motorcycle accidents aren't the only ones who are affected by lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses.  However, these financial and physical hits are exactly the kind of damages you will recover if you are found to be entitled to monetary compensation.

we know what to do next.

Insurance companies may attempt to pay you less than what you are entitled to for your motorcycle accident.  Jon G Bethune is a motorcycle accident personal injury attorney with 11 years of experience in the field, dedicated to fighting to get the financial compensation you are owed.  

We know how truly horrific a motorcycle accident can be, both for victim and for family.  Our job is to listen to you, to communicate with you, to answer all of your questions, and to use our client-praised experience and tenacity to do our absolute best to recover what you are owed.

The Law Office of Jon G. Bethune represents accepted motorcycle accident personal injury cases on a contingency  basis:  this means that, unless and until we recover for you, you don't pay.  


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