Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements


There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding prenuptial agreements.  People in the past have seen getting one as a cold, even heartless action to take; however, more and more people are starting to realize the opposite.  Sometimes, Prenuptial agreements are simply the smartest thing to do.


A prenuptial agreement is a contract two people enter into before they get married regarding what property belongs to whom in the event of a divorce.  Pre- and postnuptial agreements aren't really an act of greed or coldness.  We think that more people are coming to us for prenuptial agreements in Louisiana because they've been exposed to how costly, frustrating, and time-consuming divorce proceedings can be, or how they can skew one way or another in the event of a gamut of circumstances.   It makes complete sense that an ever-growing number of people are seeking out an alternative to the costly and convoluted process that a traditional divorce typically is.  

It's a common misconception that prenuptial agreements are to "keep money away" from a spouse.  Sometimes, prenuptial agreements are made to protect a spouse who earns less money than the other spouse.  Oftentimes, prenuptial agreements are also made so that a spouse is protected from the debts that another spouse has incurred. Since, in essence, prenuptial contracts can distribute property and money however the couple sees as fair, it can be in the couples' best interest to have one.  It's a way to take your future into your own hands, instead of leaving it up to a divorce court.

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