some accidents really are preventable.

As we move about our days, whether working on the job or shopping for groceries, our first thought is rarely that we might end up injured due to a hazardous condition.  There’s a certain implied trust in the businesses we patronize to maintain safe conditions.  While every business should be maintained properly to prevent injuries, sometimes they aren’t, and good people can get hurt because of that.

If you slip, fall, and injure yourself due to someone else’s negligence, your first thought may not be to seek legal attention.  You might be embarrassed after your fall; you might even blame yourself for it, but there are some circumstances when you shouldn’t.  There are some circumstances when your injury was easily preventable.  There are some circumstances when you might have gotten hurt because someone was not doing their job as they should have.

it's okay to admit that you need help.

There are lots of different kinds of hazardous situations that can cause a slip and fall case in Louisiana.  Spilled food or liquid, freshly mopped floors without hazard cones, improperly marked steps or drop-offs, tripping hazards like electrical cords or curled-up carpets:  all of these dangerous elements can cause a slip and fall and, therefore, a serious injury.  All of these safety hazards are very often also due to a property owner’s negligence.

Injuries sustained from a slip and fall range in seriousness, but can be more severe than you might think.  Common injuries include major cuts and lacerations, internal bleeding, concussions, broken bones, herniated discs, or even trauma to the brain.

If you injure yourself due to someone else’s carelessness, the result can be a massive financial burden.  Your injury may not only be costing you in the form of medical bills, it can also prevent you from working to be able to pay those bills.  Additionally, it’s not uncommon for personal injury slip and fall victims to experience a lowered quality of life. 

Family and friends should not have to bear the burden of a slip and fall injury, and neither should you.

If you feel you might have experienced an injury due to someone else’s negligence, this is a very good reason to seek the help of an experienced attorney. 

take the first step.

Jon G Bethune is a slip and fall personal injury attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana with 10 years in the field.  Our signature method of personalized, communicative, and efficient representation is praised by our clients.  Our goal is to provide our slip and fall personal injury clients with the clarity, support, and capability they need to begin their path to justice.

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