When it Happens to You

The freedom of riding your bicycle in New Orleans is unparalleled, but so is the agony of getting in an accident on one.

As bicyclists abound in New Orleans, Louisiana, accidents have been growing in number as many motorists are ignorant as to bicycle safety and sharing the road.  Until motorists educate themselves and grow in awareness of bicycle safety, accidents between cars and bicycles are bound to continue in New Orleans.

When you or someone you love gets in a bicycle accident in New Orleans, many don’t realize that they have rights in Louisiana as a bicyclist just as they would – if not more so – as a motorist.

If you are riding your bicycle and get in an accident, seek medical attention immediately, and always seek legal advice after you have first seen to your medical needs.

Know Your Rights

If you are in a bicycle accident in New Orleans and are hit by a car who is at-fault, you may be entitled to monetary compensation via personal injury litigation in the state of Louisiana.   Damages for your bicycle accident could include those for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.

An insurance company may be trying to give you less than what you actually deserve for your bicycle accident.   We know how devastating a bicycle accident can be in New Orleans, so we will fight adamantly to get you what you need to move on with your life.

Choose Empathy, Determination, and Experience

We listen to the information you give us so that we can negotiate a satisfactory personal injury settlement for you, and if that settlement is not satisfactory, we will discuss the next legal steps to take to get you what you deserve.

Click here for a free case evaluation.  Jon Bethune is a personal injury and bicycle accident attorney with 11 years of experience in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Let us help you answer the questions you have about your case, and help you begin your path to recovery.