Causeway Truck Accident Highlights Driving Safety in Southeast Louisiana

Everyone in Covington, New Orleans, and Metairie, Louisiana collectively shuddered upon hearing of the news of the truck that toppled over the Causeway Bridge yesterday afternoon (August 9).

If you are a resident of southeast Louisiana, unless you don't ever look at Facebook, Twitter, or the news, you most likely heard of the incident.  For most residents of New Orleans, it's a nightmare come true; one we are all just a little bit nervous about every time we have to drive to St. Tammany Parish and back.

News sources report that when a driver was changing lanes in his truck yesterday, it clipped the back of another driver's truck, sending it out of control.  The truck rode the rail for about 150 feet before plunging into Lake Ponchartrain.

Miraculously, the driver of the truck was rescued from the lake with what appears to be barely any injuries; he suffered from a bruise on his shoulder where his seatbelt was situated.  This is a far better outcome than anyone anticipated.  

According to, the driver who hit the truck was cited for driving with a suspended license by the Causeway Police.  The accident is still under investigation.

Always be alert while driving in Louisiana, especially in high-risk situations such as while driving over bodies of water.  We have many bridges over water around New Orleans and Covington.  While it's important for drivers in Louisiana to remain aware at all times to avoid car accidents, it's even more important when you're driving in a dangerous situation, such as over the Causeway bridge.

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If you or a friend has been a victim of careless driving in Louisiana, you deserve to have justice. Contact a personal injury attorney in Louisiana as soon as you are able to learn more about the validity of your claim.