this is when it matters.

If you’re in the middle of or about to undergo a dispute in regards to child custody, you’re likely right in the middle of the most fragile position you’ve ever been in.  When a parent is questioned in regards to their relationship with their child, “defensive” is a word that doesn’t even begin to describe the typical reaction.

 We understand how deeply important your relationship is with your child.  We know that in an ideal world, a child should have a relationship with both parents.  We also know that we live in an imperfect world, and sometimes that just isn’t possible or should be limited due to safety concerns or a disinterested parent. 

Sometimes, a custody proceeding can be simple.  If the two parents agree, a post-divorce custody agreement may just need to be put in place.  There are certainly instances, however, where a child custody legal proceeding may be more complex and unique.  During our practice in New Orleans, we have assisted plaintiffs and defendants; mothers, fathers, and grandparents, and through it all we believe in one thing:  the best interest of the child.

Every family situation is different, and it’s so important that your attorney understand yours.  Understanding your family situation means finding the best way to represent you.  We know that the nuances of your family can have great bearing on your child custody or child visitation case. 

  • Is a parent physically impaired, to the point of inhibiting their ability to take care of their child?
  • Is one parent significantly disabled?
  • Is there a question in regard to one or both parents’ mental health?
  • Is there an issue regarding substance abuse (alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs) in one or both parents?
  • Is there a disparity between spouses in their ability to provide food, clothing, and shelter for the child or children?
  • Is there a significant distance between the residences of both parents?
  • Does one parent want to move further away from the other parent?  Does a parent already live far away?
  • Do you need an emergency custody order, or do you need to defend yourself in an emergency custody order?
  • Do you feel that another parent is simply seeking a different custody situation to avoid paying child support?

protect yourself and your children.

There are different kinds of child custody arrangements in Louisiana.  These laws were made to specifically address every unique family situation.  Let us help you navigate the legal system so that you and your child’s best interests are supported, protected, and secured. 

A father of two himself, Jon Bethune understands firsthand the great importance of a child's well being.  Our client ratings soar in excellence, and we believe it is directly due to the personal, hands-on approach Jon has in child custody proceedings.  Every case that goes through our doors is attended to by Jon himself.   Click here to send us a brief message about your child custody or visitation case, or call us at (504) 218-8570 to discuss your case.